The Best Deal For a GeForce 9800 GTX at the moment

 BFG GeForce 9800 GTX

Okay, so we all know the GeForce 9800 GTX is the hottest video card right now. But which third-party brand has the best deal going? It has got to be the BFG GeForce 9800 GTX at They are offering a mail-in rebate of $30 so it will cost $259.99 after the rebate. You can’t beat that price, not even on Ebay. Go on Ebay and take a look…you can’t find any 9800 GTX models there for $260 or under! Add to the fact that BFG is one of the best in the business and with their 10 year warranty on all the video cards they manufacture, it is indeed pretty sweet. The rebate deal ends after May, so if you want to pick up a 9800 gtx anytime soon, this should be the time. Don’t expect a price drop across the board for the 9800 GTXs until maybe around the end of summer.

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