GeForce GTX 280 is the Fastest Video Card This Summer

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The new king of the GPU scene is here in the Nvidia Geforce GTX 280. Some note worthy features included in this card.

It is PhysX Ready

Remember the Physics hardware a couple of years back? It is now built into Nvidia’s newest video cards. You might need to upgrade the physics firmware from time to time, but that’s just semantics.

3-Way Nvidia SLI technology

If you have the money, and you absolutely need the fastest gaming hardware available, then install three GTX 280s onto your motherboard. Just make sure you have a strong enough power supply.

Nvidia CUDA technology

What this does is turn the Video card’s GPU into something of a CPU to perform CPU tasks such as video encoding.

Here are the stock specs of the GTX 280:

  • Processor Cores: 280
  • Processor Clock: 1.3 ghz
  • Core Clock: 602 mzh
  • Memory: 1 gig
  • Memory Clock: 2.2 ghz (DDR)
  • Memory Interface 512 bit

BFG, XFX, PNY, EVGA, Gigabyte and ASUS have all come out with their GTX 280s and they are available on

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