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Just Ordered My PS3 Metal Gear Solid 4 Bundle

metal gear solid 4 bundle

I just ordered my Playstation 3 Metal Gear Solid 4 bundle at New Egg. They finally got it in stock and I ordered it a few minutes ago (June 12th, 10:20 pm). Dunno how much of these bundle packs they have left, but I wasn’t going to wait. I have avoided any reviews so far on the MSG 4 game so I can play without knowing the spoilers.

The Ghetto Way To Mod Your Video Card


Looks like someone want to play Crysis really bad. The “mod” you see in the picture is an old ATI Rage 128 Video Card with a pipe screwed on top of the core. It was loaded up with dry ice and denatured alchohol for extreme overclocking, but of course it didn’t work. Note the frost that has spread around the circuits. The card was forever damaged, but give credit to the modder for at least protecting the motherboard from leakage with styrofoam plates.

ghetto video card2

The moral of the story is-If you want to play the latest computer games on your PC, don’t be a cheapskate, save up for a new video card.

What a Video Card look like back in 1978

Very old Video Card

Looking at this picture, you would assume that someone got their yo-yo tangled up on a piece of cardboard, but it’s actually a video card that functioned from 1978.  Yup, there were video cards back in the days and your GeForce 8800 Ultra got nothing on this bad boy.  This spaghetti tray video card is able to display 16 lines of text with a maximum of 64 ASCII characters on the tube! That’s high tech stuff right there.  The home-made video card was used in a home-made computer, back in the days when wooden boards were used as the casing for internal CPU components.  Okay, so you can’t play Crysis with it, but you can bang out some pretty neat codes and be able to see it on the screen.

A List of places to download Nvidia Drivers

Forceware drivers

The main site that this blog is linked to, has put up a page with a list of places to download GeForce drivers. Sometimes it is so hard to find an old driver for an ancient video card and what makes it even more difficult is that some of those who do have the drivers try to profit off them or make you have to download some sort of “scanner” that does who-knows-what to your computer. If you know the specific brand of Nvidia card you have, say for example, you have a XFX video card, go to XFX’s website and try to find the driver you need there. That way you get the most specific driver possible for your video card.

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The NVArt Digital Art Challenge Winners Announced

Cubic Bacteria

The Cubic Bacteria by Václav Pajkrt.

Nvidia held their first annual NVArt Digital Art Challenge, a contest where artists submit their CGI imagery of imaginary worlds and objects with the winners having been announced. First place went to Václav Pajkrt from the Czech Republic for his creation of Cubic Bacteria who wins 2 nvidia quadro FX 5500 Cards, a holiday package to San Francisco plus a meeting
with the Nvidia CEO. The price value for first place was over 16,000 dollars.

Here is the full list of winners.