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Creator of Doom Thinks Ageia was Scum

 John Carmack

John Carmack, who helped made 1st person shooters what they are today with legendary titles like Doom and Quake, criticizes the founders of Ageia in an interview with PC Perspective.  Ageia was a company that developed Physics processors and was taken over by Nvidia earlier in year.  Carmack believes that Ageia was started from the beginning with the sole purpose of being bought out by a bigger company.  The market for physics engine hardware was non existent and all signs point to future GPUs being able to compute physics processing, but Ageia went ahead with their plan anyway with the intention of cashing out as their end game.  So John Carmack didn’t exactly say that Ageia was scum, but you know that was what he was probably thinking.

NVIDIA embraces Open Source, offering PhysX to ATI

Nvidia embraces open source

Nvidia has scored some brownie points with the open source crowd by offering PhysX support to AMD/ATI and for that matter, any other company who wants to use PhysX’s realtime physics engine.  Looking to build upon PhysX’s middleware platform, Nvidia is offering PhysX’s API freely to anyone who wants it.  This will no doubt encourage game developers to use the physics engine in their games, making it more widely used in future titles.  Nvidia has already scored points with those who have bought GeForce 8 series video cards, by planning on a future release of free PhysX GeForce 8 drivers that will enable the cards to utilize the realtime physics of PhysX without having to buy new hardware.

PhysX is a proprietary real time physics engine middleware developed by AGEIA.   They were bought by Nvidia earlier in the year.