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Cheaper Laptops Can Play Crysis These Days

Asus M51Sn-X2 with a 9500m GS

It was only last year you needed to shell out well over 2 grand to buy a laptop with specs that can play Crysis on mid-high settings with a decent framerate. Rejoice, folks. Now you can play that resource hogging PC game with laptops that are more affordable, like the Asus M51Sn-X2 NoteBook. It cost about $1,199 which is a very respectable price for a new gaming laptop. It comes with a Nvidia 9500M GS, Nvidia’s newest mobile gaming video card.

Here are some crucial stats for the Asus M51Sn-X2

  • Intel Core 2 Duo T8300 2.4G
  • 4 GIGs of DDR Ram
  • 250 GIG HD
  • 15.4 WXGA screen
  • Nvidia 9500M GS with 512 MB of memory.

The laptop can handle Bioshock, COD 4 and Crysis, quite well. For more information on this gaming laptop and for user reviews, remember to check out NewEgg’s Asus M51Sn-X2 page.

Nvidia’s Mobile GPUs will soon have DirectX 10

Direct X10

Nvidia’s next mobile GPUs will finally be capable of DirectX 10. Is there really that big of a difference between DirectX 9 and DirectX 10? Judging from today’s DirectX 10 games there isn’t anything eye-poppingly different, but who cares, The GeForce 9300M and 9500M will be able to use the current DirectX.

Here are some specs for the GeForce 9500M GS

  • Core clock at 475 mhz
  • 32 stream processors at 950 mhz
  • 512m of DDR3 memory at 700 mhz
  • 128 bit memory bus

And the specs of the slower GeForce 9300M G

  • Core clock at 400 mhz
  • 16 stream processors at 800 mhz
  • 256m of DDR3 or DDR2
  • 64 bit memory bus