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Where I Look For Reviews On Graphic Cards

Electronics and Gadgets are becoming increasingly expensive these days, and I try not to spend my hard earned money on something inferior. This is why I read reviews from users who have tried them out first hand so I have an idea on what I should buy. There is a site I go to for technology reviews called TestFreaks.com. It has the latest reviews from both users and industry experts so opinions are covered on both ends. I find the graphic card review section extremely useful for my site and they also offer reviews on motherboards and monitors. The rating for each product is pretty spot on and I find the site extremely easy to navigate around. Take a look at the site and you’ll see why I have it bookmarked.

NVIDIA embraces Open Source, offering PhysX to ATI

Nvidia embraces open source

Nvidia has scored some brownie points with the open source crowd by offering PhysX support to AMD/ATI and for that matter, any other company who wants to use PhysX’s realtime physics engine.  Looking to build upon PhysX’s middleware platform, Nvidia is offering PhysX’s API freely to anyone who wants it.  This will no doubt encourage game developers to use the physics engine in their games, making it more widely used in future titles.  Nvidia has already scored points with those who have bought GeForce 8 series video cards, by planning on a future release of free PhysX GeForce 8 drivers that will enable the cards to utilize the realtime physics of PhysX without having to buy new hardware.

PhysX is a proprietary real time physics engine middleware developed by AGEIA.   They were bought by Nvidia earlier in the year.

Nvidia Vs. Intel in the CPU Processor Industry?

Nvidia Knife Intel

Nvidia has grand plans, and the grandest one of all is to take over the CPU processor industry and leave Intel in the dark. Industry insiders have known for the longest time that Nvidia believes the computers of the future will not require both a CPU chip and a seperate video card component to run graphically intensive computer games, but instead just one single processor that can handle all those functions and Nvidia believes they are in a very good position to develop them. This type of thinking goes back to Nvidia’s Diamond Edge 3D days, when they developed their first line of video cards to be all-in-one components with built-in joystick ports and built-in audio capabilities. Nvidia has already developed a CPU/GPU hybrid in the APX2500, a mobile cell-phone processor, and they have a line of motherboards in the NForce, so it’s obvious the company isn’t just focusing on GPUs. If you are a betting man, bet that Nvidia will unveil a series of desktop and laptop GPU/CPU processors one day.

NVIDIA, Don’t Purchase AMD!

 Jen-Hsun Huang

How often do we see rumors come true? Financial analysts and industry observers believe there is a chance that NVIDIA’s CEO and Co-Founder, Jen-Hsun Huang might make a bid at acquiring AMD.  AMD’s stock has been tumbling down faster than Britney Spear’s career for the last couple of years.  I knew it was a bad move back when AMD bought ATI, you can’t have your hands everywhere and still expect to turn out a superior product (you hear what I just say, Google?) If Nvidia buys AMD/ATI, where will the video card competition come from? No where.  Nvidia would have a monopoly and if you thought these brand new 700 dollar video cards are expensive, wait until there is nobody to compete against.  Plus the development of GPUs will be slowed down a notch I’m sure no matter what anybody says.  I love Nvidia but I would like to see another company acquire AMD if they were to sell themselves out.